Care of silk

Cleaning silk scarves with rolled edges
To hand wash, use warm water with a mild washing liquid such as Stergene or Woolite and rinse well. Roll up in a towel to take most of the water out, then, press on the back with the iron on a medium setting while still damp, ironing up to, but not over, the rolled edge. Continue ironing, especially with crepe de chine, until the edges are completely dry. If you accidentally crease the fabric while ironing, damp that section again and re-iron. Avoid ironing over seams as this can make them shiny.

If you are ironing silk satin it is preferable to iron on the back – the weave structure of satin gives ‘floating’ threads on the surface and these can be damaged by rubbing/ironing on the front.

Hand dyed silk should be washed separately since there could be some colour bleed; this is nothing to worry about, it is simply excess dye being shed by the silk and should not affect the colour or brilliance of your garment.

If your garment gets creased between washings then you can steam iron it quite safely on the cotton steam setting on your iron. Silk is a lot tougher than most people think and even delicate chiffon benefits from being steam ironed.

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Store silks in a cool, dry place. Try to avoid folding as this can weaken the fibres – preferably hang garments on a padded hanger.

Any silk that has been hand-dyed, as opposed to painted, like watercolour paintings, should not be left in direct sun for extended periods as it will probably fade.