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Experiments with linen

I’ve been working on cotton sateen for a long time now – it has such a beautiful surface, takes colour beautifully and has a really close weave which gives great detail when I’m screen printing, digital printing or cyanotyping. A good, all round fabric until now …

No, the fabric hasn’t changed but I’ve started hand stitching and the sateen is an absolute so and so for this. So, I’ve been thinking what I could use which would give me the qualities I like in the sateen but with a looser weave that I could get a needle through without so much swearing :-).

I have a great sister and she gave me some very old linen sheets so I thought I’d experiment with those and see what results they would give me with my favourite techniques. So far, so good.

linen tests 1

Good, strong colour.

 linen tests 3

and a good surface for printing and scraping.

I think I can feel a discharge session coming on next … 🙂