Cyanotyping (blueprinting) Kit & Book


 Cyanotypes on Fabric – book – Revised and re-printed

Cyanotyping is a simple process for producing subtle, detailed images on fabric. Prussian blue and white – calm, cool, classical and utterly beautiful. Mix this technique from the 1840s with natural leaves and flowers or with modern digital negatives, and perhaps some textile techniques, and you have a wide range of image making possibilities.

The book has 96 pages, all in full colour, and includes chapters on:

  • Preparing the fabric (smooth, textured and restricted area backgrounds)
  • Making the prints, including photograms, digital negatives, manipulating the fabric and ‘putting it all together’.
  • Exposure
  • Processing
  • So you don’t want blue – toning, under-dyeing, over-dyeing and painting.
  • Taking care of your cyanotypes.
  • Health & Safety
  • Suppliers
  • Bibliography

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Cyanotype Kit

 Cyanotype (Blueprint) chemicals kit

This is temporarily unavailable – I’m currently between studios and have nowhere to put the kits together. If you need your kit urgently you can try who stock the kits.

This contains the chemicals needed to make fabric light-sensitive. Included are 60g ferric ammonium citrate and 30g potassium ferricyanide plus a sheet of basic instructions and full health and safety information. There is enough in the kit to treat about 2m of a medium weight cotton – more if the fabric is lighter, less if the fabric is heavier.

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