Groups & Guilds

I’m pleased to be able to offer the following workshops for groups, guilds and colleges for 2014/15. If you would like more information on any of the workshops or would like to discuss dates and availability please do send me an e-mail or give me a ring. Please note that most workshops can be expanded or combined to give workshops lasting 2 or more days. Details of charges etc are at the bottom of the page. No previous experience is needed for any of the workshops unless otherwise stated.

The first two workshops on this list are very near to my heart as they are the subjects of my two books Cyanotypes on Fabric’ and ‘Digital Imagery on Fabric’.

ivy-150 Cyanotypes on Fabric
This is an introduction to the wonderful techniques of cyanotyping on fabric; a method from 1841 for producing beautiful, detailed white photographic images on a Prussian blue background. We will cover preparing the light sensitive fabric, producing photograms (printing flowers, foliage, lace and many other objects). We will also touch on tinting the final image. All in all a blue and white extravaganza!

If the students have any digital photographs that they’d like to bring we MAY have time to produce a digital negative that they can print as a cyanotype. They need to make sure any digital photographs are in jpeg or tiff format (ie photo.jpg or photo.tif) and should be stored on a CD or a memory stick (pen drive). I’m afraid we won’t have the facility at the workshop to scan photographic prints.

 linen-bag Digital Images on Fabric
This workshop will cover various methods for transferring your digital images on to fabric including printing directly onto your fabric with inkjet and laser printers, using transfer paper and, if there’s time, image transfer using a household solvent transfer or textile medium.
 fossil-fish-wallhanging Freehand Screenprinting
For this workshop we will be creating our own surfaces for printing single and repeating images on fabric in a very free way – no registration involved. It’s really good fun and you’ll learn how to make your own printing screens for a fraction of the price it costs to buy one as well as several methods for getting an image on to your screen surface!
turtles Indigo Dyeing with Shibori
For this workshop we will make up an indigo vat from scratch and will use it to dye a mixture of natural fibre fabrics (mainly cotton and silk). We will use a variety of basic shibori techniques such as clamping, pole wrapping and stitching to create textured patterns and designs utilising the unique properties of indigo.


My Charges:
I will be charging £205 per workshop day in 2016/17, plus 45p per mile travelling, with an additional materials charge per student depending on which workshop is being run – usually in the region of £5-£7.

I normally supply the majority of the equipment and materials for the workshops and can take a maximum of 10 students at a time although some workshops can accommodate more, if some equipment can be supplied at the venue, or by the students, and you have enough space. We would need around 3 feet of table space per student for most of the workshops plus access to at least one sink and at least three electric sockets. Naturally, with workshops involving liquid dyes and paints there is always the possibility of a spillage so a venue with a good carpet would be risky! If you try and squeeze too many students into a room the risk increases.

I can also offer a talk with the title ‘Turn round when possible’ which is based on my textile career to date. For this I will be charging £90 in 2015/16) plus 45p per mile travelling.