Short courses at the Barn

These are the workshops I’m running here at Stone Creek Barn in 2017. If you would like to make a booking for any of these courses please note:

  • If the course starts more than four weeks from today’s date then the non-refundable deposit is due now – select DEPOSIT
  • the balance is due four weeks before the start of the course – select PAY BALANCE
  • If the course starts within four weeks of today’s date then the full cost is due now – select PAYMENT IN FULL

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 Photoshop Elements for Textiles/Digital Imagery on Fabric
Five days
22-26 May 2017
(Mon – Fri)



This course has been cancelled due to bereavement but may be
rescheduled later in the year.

This five day course is all about how to use digital imagery in your textile work. You will learn how Photoshop Elements is structured so you can find your way round it easily. You will crop, rotate and re-size images, remove backgrounds, add text, simplify colours for embroidery designs and turn a colour photo into a black and white line drawing for use with print screens/block printing or a greyscale image for use with digital negatives. We will cover the use of selections and layers – the core skills needed for any image manipulations – which then lead to repeating patterns, simple digital collage and so on.

You will also learn how to print directly on to a variety of fabrics using inkjet printers and how to transfer your images on to larger pieces of fabric using various image transfer methods.
A digital extravaganza!

You need only very basic computer skills to come on this course – how to use a mouse, open and close files etc. All the Photoshop Elements work will be taught from scratch. If you already have some knowledge of image manipulation programs, I’m confident you will learn much that you didn’t know before and will gain in confidence.

Maximum students: 6
Cost: £290

Cyanotypes on Fabric

2 days
2-3 September  2017



This is an introduction to the wonderful techniques of cyanotyping on fabric; a method from 1841 for producing beautiful, detailed white images on a Prussian blue background. We will cover preparing the light sensitive fabric and producing photograms (printing flowers, foliage, lace and many other objects).

We will also cover producing digital negatives for use with cyanotyping and finally we’ll look at underdyeing and overdyeing/painting the final image. All in all a blue and white extravaganza! 

Maximum students: 5
Cost: £120

Payment Options :

Dye and Discharge

Five days
18-22 September 2017
Monday to Friday






This is a real colour-fest. We will cover how to dye flat and textured colour using Procion dyes (bucket, parfait and tray dyeing) and will then work on colour families, using hues and values and ideas on generating colour schemes for a particular project. We will dye using the gorgeous indigo blue in a simply generated vat and will play with creating rusted fabrics. 

We’ll also create beautiful textured patterns on fabric using porridge and/or flour with Procion dyes and will use some simple shibori techniques with over-dyeing to generate real depth of pattern.

Discharge is a brilliant set of techniques for creating texture and imagery by taking colour out of fabric. It’s often used as part of the layering process to produce art cloth and is one of my all time favourite techniques.

Maximum students: 5
Cost: £290

Payment Options :

Walking Books
with Alice Fox

Four days
2-5 October 2017
Monday to Thursday




This four-day workshop will provide an opportunity to explore the landscape around the Humber Estuary, including the Humber Bank and the low-lying farm land typical of East Yorkshire. We will hopefully visit Spurn NNR to gather beach-combed materials. Working in a small workshop group Alice will introduce a number of different paper-based ways to record our experience of landscape. We will walk each day (whatever the weather), gathering marks and materials as we go. Using what we find we will explore a variety of print techniques, bringing our experiments together into a series of unique handmade books: ‘Walking Books’ that will form personal records of our experience.

Students must be physically fit and able to walk each day.


Maximum students: 5
Cost: £320

Payment Options :