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Combining digital and hand dyed fabric/Korean Pojagi

As many of you know, I’m not much of a sewer – although I’m working on it :-). But when one of my students, Catriona Warburton, told me about the Korean textile art of Pojagi it rather took my fancy. Pojagi, sometimes spelled Bojagi, is a form of piecing fabric. Now I’ve never been attracted to cutting up my fabrics only to sew them back together. I can appreciate the skill that goes into a pieced quilt but just haven’t had the urge to do it myself.

However, traditional Pojagi is made using a variety of hand stitches to make the joins so that the seams are part of the design rather than something which should be as invisible as possible. Celebrate the seam!

Using the techniques from Youngmin Lee’s DVD, http://www.youngminlee.com/project/5705, I thought I would start with a Yemulbo, a cloth for wrapping gifts. I dug out a couple of pieces of hand-dyed cotton and decided to print a digital image on to cotton to go with them. I used a favourite image of hedgerow but added a custom gradient map using colours from the scanned hand-dyed fabric. Here are the before and after versions.


I then printed this one on to cotton with an inkjet printer and pieced it with sections of hand dyed fabrics using whip stitch and a contrasting thread.

This is the finished Pojagi made using the hand dyed and injet printed fabrics. the inkjet section is the middle one of the right hand panel. If you click on the image to see a bigger version you should be able to see the little white bat symbol which is supposed to confer good luck on the recipient :-).

Bojagi cloth 2

This is what it looks like when it’s wrapped round a small gift. It makes a gift token or cash look like a much more personal gift :-).

Bojagi cloth 1

If you want to see how to make one of these I’ve included some basic instructions in a downloadable file –  Bojagi wrapping cloth