Stone Creek Online – Photoshop Elements for Textiles

A very warm welcome to Photoshop Elements for Textiles. This is where you’ll find all the resources that make up my online courses. There are videos to watch, accompanying notes to read or print and general resources to go with the courses.

If you are an existing student, you can access your course by clicking on either Part 1 or Part 2. You will need to email me for a new password.

This is now an unsupported course meaning that you have access to all the resources, videos, documents etc but you’ll no longer be able to upload images to me for feedback. This is reflected in the price – whereas each part used to cost £150, so a total of £300 for the full course, I’m now offering this for a nominal £50, in total, for both parts.

Please bear in mind that the course is based on version 10 of Elements. The layout changed with version 11 so some things will look a little different. For instance the Tool Options Bar changed from being at the top of the screen to sharing space with the Photo Bin at the bottom of the screen. The majority of things don’t change from version to version. I have, however, created pdf files (not videos) for the first few sections, based on version 13 which has the revised layout. These are in the General Resources section. Once you’ve gone through these I don’t think you’ll have any problems with the rest.

Price: £50.00 for both parts