Photoshop Elements Part 1 – tutorials

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Each section of the course is made up of a video tutorial and a downloadable set of notes which can be read on your screen or printed out.

Introduction to Photoshop Elements 10
This takes you through the basics of how Elements works

Downloadable notes – click on intro to Elements

Basic Manipulations
Here you’ll learn a lot of basic manipulations such as how to accurately crop and rotate images through to adding text to them …

Downloadable notes – click on basic manipulations

Making Selections – part 1
Being able to make selections is one of the key things for creative computing

Downloadable notes – click on making selections part1

Making Selections – part 2
Downloadable notes- click on making selections part2

Layers – part 1
Knowing how to use layers is crucial to creativity in Elements. They are SO much fun as well …

Downloadable notes – click on layers – part1

Layers – part 2
Downloadable notes – click on layers – part2

Resolution and Image Resizing
This tutorial covers what resolution is and how it works. You’ll also learn how to re-size images for different purposes.

Downloadable notes – click on resolution

More Selections
Downloadable notes – click on making selections part3

Using Brushes
Brushes are used by a number of different tools, including the eraser!

Downloadable notes – click on brushes

Simplifying Images

This covers how to simplify images, in terms of colour and line, and how to create digital negatives.

Downloadable notes – click on simplifying-images

Repair & Replace
This covers how to repair blemishes and replace areas on your photos

Downloadable notes – click on repair-replace

Borders & Edges
A whole pile of borders and edges that you can add to your images

Downloadable notes – click on borders&edges