Colour and Cloth – August 2018

Whatever your creative bent, successful colour mixing is vital.

In this two day workshop Ruth teaches her systematic approach to the mixing of colour which de-bunks the traditional ‘rules’ which I realise now have confused me for years.

Starting with a straightforward explanation of the terms and giving instruction on creating colour wheels, she then showed us how to control a palette of colours and get exactly the right colour every time.

For me a key element was her introduction to a method for creating a successful colour scheme for a particular piece of work.

I’m new to textile dyeing and the simple technique she showed us which resulted in three pieces of different but connected fabric was a delight.

I had such an enjoyable two days with Ruth which will have a considerable impact on my future projects.

Jill Sellars

Ruth’s colour course was a real joy for me. I had always struggled when mixing colours to get just the shade I wanted, but these two days gave some structure and real understanding to that process and has helped me tremendously.

In addition, exploring how to develop colour families to help in my design process and understanding in a clear and straightforward way how simple colour wheels can be used to practical effect was both great fun and of immense value to my professional practice.

I would highly recommend Ruth and this workshop to anyone looking to develop their creative potential!

Glenn Malkin